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Childcare & Childrens’ Worship

Skilled professional nursery childcare is available during the entire morning from 9:30 a.m.-12:30  p.m. on Sundays (9:30-11:30 a.m. from Memorial Day to Labor Day) for infants and toddlers (up through age 3). The nursery is located upstairs in Balch Hall (just up the stairs to your left).

Child care is available each Sunday and during most other special events.

You are also welcome to keep your children with you in the service, or the bride’s room off the narthex offers privacy, toys, and a closed circuit audio-visual broadcast of the service for your convenience.

Children ages 3 and up are in the worship service until the Time With Children, at which point they may stay with their families or be dismissed to Young Children and Worship (upstairs, ages 2-4 and K-2nd grade) and Children’s Church (grades 3-4). Children are escorted by leaders, and must be picked up by their parents after the service. Children’s Church is in the side chapel, and Young Children and Worship is upstairs in the sunday school rooms.

YCW is a specialized worship experience for our youngest members. Below is a brief orientation for parents. New families should schedule an orientation with Rev. Vaagenes soon after they begin attending. 

  • This is a worship space.

  • This is a worship space for kids. Only two adults are permitted in the space.

  • Adults will be seated almost 100% of the time.

  • All toys, stuffed animals, jewelry, hats (anything distracting) will be placed outside either with the child’s shoes or in the designated basket when the child is ready. They will be gathered by the children at the end of worship.

  • Children are asked by the greeter if they are ready to go in to worship. If they are, then they can go inside. If they are not, that is fine. They can stay out as long as they want (with the greeter/parent, so they are not ever alone).

  • When the child is ready to go into worship, the greeter lets him/her in (one at a time).

  • It is our goal to have the kids participate meaningfully in all of worship. However, if they don’t/can’t participate with the group, they can always go out in the hall with the greeter until they are ready to re-enter or else return to their parents. This is never viewed as a punishment, but as a way for the child to be where they need to be.

  • At the end of worship, parents come up and the greeter alerts the storyteller. The storyteller gives that child an individual blessing for the week, and that child is released by the greeter to the parent/grandparent/guardian.