The story goes that God created something on each day of the first week. Light! and it was good. Sky! and it was good. People! and it was very good. But at the end of the week, God rests.

Not because God was tired, or because God ran out of things to do, but because rest is part of life. Like breathing in.... and out...., God, in that first week models for all of creation what life should be. It should be creative, loving, and self-giving; and it should include rest.

Rest can be thought of as a sign of weakness or self-indulgence, but when viewed through the lens of faith, it becomes a gift and a humble way to live in the image of God. I am so grateful to have had some sacred rest this past summer! I hope you all get that opportunity for rest, not as an extra luxury, but as an acknowledgement of who and whose we are. Peace, Pastor Rachel