Being "One" - Pastor Chris

In children's worship last week, we talked about the Church being as Jesus prayed, "one." This is an equally confusing idea for children and adults; how can the Church, which has thousands and thousands of denominations and divisions, be one? Needless to say, the Church has failed at this part of it's calling, but we are still called to mend the divisions that we have made, step by step. On Sunday, we're having our third annual Pulpit Swap with Mt. Zion United Methodist Church. Rev. Dr. Johnsie Cogman will be here at GPC, and I'll be preaching just a few blocks away at the oldest African-American church in Washington, D.C. And before worship, at 9:45 a.m., Rev. Cogman and I will share stories of mission and service, and talk about our partnership through the Georgetown Saturday Suppers and Sunday Dinners.

An annual pulpit swap and shared service around weekend meals for those in need may not feel like enough to bridge hundreds and thousands of years of division, but it's a faithful step in the right direction.