GOAL: 100+ new participants

This morning at the town hall meeting, Rev. Murray unveiled our congregational goal: to add 100 new participants to the life of the church by September 2016.  This will include new members and their children, but also others who have not joined, but who have made a commitment to participate in the life of GPC.
This is an ambitious goal, and one worthy of our church and especially our God. GPC is a sanctuary in the city. We are a vibrant congregation with a unique vision and mission in our nation's capitol, but not everyone knows it. We want to build on the growth of the last few years and extend a warm welcome to others.
We are forming a task force to work with the pastoral staff on this initiative, but to succeed, this will take every one of us. We need your ideas--nothing is too crazy or too mundane. You can't miss the 100+ Ideas Box in the narthex, and we welcome your input. 
Here's to a new year at GPC.
-Revs. Camille, Rachel and Chris
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