Pastor Camille Reflects on the GPC Member Photo Directory

At our staff meeting this week we thumbed through the very outdated GPC photo directory from 2010.  Lots has changed in eight years— births, deaths, graduations, marriages, moves, and plenty of new haircuts! All of the photos are memorized with that famous blueish gray background that only church photo directories can pull off. I can visualize our family photographs from church photo sessions from the 80's and 90's with varying stages of enthusiasm or resistance to the experience.  You might be asking yourself why GPC is embarking on this rather quaint practice. First of all, many faces and families have joined our church in the last eight years and we need an update.  Second, we are not a small community and so having a place to reference names and faces is extremely helpful. But most importantly, the collection of photographs is a mosaic of the body of Christ here in this place. These are the names and faces of those who find a faith home in our midst, those who are learning about Jesus, those who are committed to this Christian community. Each photograph tells a story of a faith journey and collectively our directory is part of our witness to those who will follow after us. For 238 years, the witness of Georgetown Presbyterian Church has been to God's love for the world and faithfulness to all generations.  We are proud to be part of that legacy!

I am looking forward to seeing your smiling faces.  Click here to sign up! CCM