The Silver Lining in Politics

On Tuesday night, like many Americans, I watched some of the coverage of the election returns, with a combination of despair at how divisive the dialog around our differences is, and hope that we might find a path to conversation and greater unity. I’ve always believed that all humans, even coming from drastically different cultural, political, religious and economic places, have much more in common than not. But sadly, we prove easily distracted from that fact by leaders who choose the shortcut to power found in dividing us from each other. Searching for my rose colored glasses, perhaps you’re not surprised that I keep coming back to music. I admire the composers of the past who continued to practice their art through the wars, political and theological divisions that fractured people and countries. There was beauty to be made, the mystery of God to express. Music, with its many independent yet harmonious voices, models for how we too could get along, work together, collaborate to form a cohesive whole. At GPC every week, we have the unique privilege to do just that, to cut through the chaotic noise of division with the even more powerful music of unity.