God Provides

This year, Katie and I bought a share in CSA "Community Supported Agriculture." Once a week we get a box of fruits, vegetables, and eggs grown directly in the Maryland and Virginia regions. We're very happy to be supporting local farmers, eating things produced with fewer chemicals, and lowering our carbon footprint.
One of the interesting challenges of having a CSA is that you don't always get exactly what you want. Sometimes it's delicious strawberries, cherries, and summer squash, and other times it's kohlrabi and garlic scapes (no offense if you happen to love those as well!). It means we've had embrace that "what we get, is what we get," get creative with how we cook, expand the "comfort zone" of what we eat, and perhaps share with neighbors what we're just not going to get around to eating.Of course, in life, we don't always get exactly what we want either. We all know that. But sometimes, perhaps even oftentimes, we also have the opportunity to get creative, expand our comfort zones, and share the load with our neighbors. And so perhaps the way that God provides is less like an all-things-year-round grocery store, and more like a CSA: To everything there is a season, and the gifts we are given will sustain us, challenge us, and draw us into community with one another.
Thanks be to God!Peace,Chris