Human Interaction Today

Our society seems intent on replacing human interaction with technology. We speak to our phones and talk to our speakers, asking questions that were once answerable only by another human being. But, there are subjects that defy Google; lessons and experiences we can only have through the face to face interaction with another human. Technology can’t inspire us to strive for our best selves like another human can. This lesson was reinforced for me this week when I finally accepted Camille’s invitation to join her for one of the many exercise classes she takes. The truth is, I’ve been in a bit of a slump, mentally and physically. I’m going through some interesting emotional challenges at the moment, and Camille sensed that I would benefit from an experience she could guide me to. Rolling out my mat next to her’s, the next hour was indeed just what I needed. She used bigger weights then I could manage, and always chose the more challenging options for the exercises we worked through. Her form was powerful, the result of experience and dedication. I was inspired by her example, by her drive and commitment to her physical and mental health as a critical foundation to her service for others.Sometimes I succumb to existential thoughts. “What is all this for?” “Does my life have meaning?” I think the truth is found in these little but significant interactions we have with those around us. Some encouraging words, a shared cup of coffee, an invitation to an exercise class. Each of us has something to share with those around us. I’m thankful to Camille for being my guide this week, and my sore muscles as I write this are a reminder of that lesson.Namaste.Mark