Looking for Hope on Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday is a day of hope, on the eve of the drama of Holy Week. Jesus comes into Jerusalem, and the people line the streets with the hope that this man, Jesus, would bring justice and restoration to his people. This Palm Sunday, we'll have an opportunity to participate in a tangible act of bringing a moment of restoration to people looking for hope. The Free Minds Book Club connects people who are incarcerated with people "on the outside" through writing literature and poetry. For the (mostly) young men in prison, writing poetry and receiving correspondence with people like you and me is an affirmation of our common humanity, and a reminder of a community that awaits them after their release. Free Minds continues to support these "returning citizens" after their release through a continuing supportive community, right here in DC.On Sunday, please come to the Washington Room for Adult Education at 9:45 a.m. to learn more, and then stay after worship to participate in a hands-on activity to bring hope and healing from the "outside" to the "inside," reminding ourselves that God's love knows no bounds.Peace,Chris