New Year, New Things

Every January, I lull myself into a false sense that, well, it's January. It's time for a moment to relax after the mad dash to the end of the year that is December. And every January, my illusions of course prove to be false. Something tells me I'm not alone in this feeling!
Instead, what I do find is a buzz of energy. Yes, some of that is from tasks pushed off into the new year, but much of it is in anticipation of following God, who is indeed "doing a new thing!" (Isaiah 43:19), into a new year. Already my schedule is packed with meetings and planning sessions on how to continue to serve our neighbors near and far, in this year and beyond. From shoes for our unhoused neighbors to reading poetry with incarcerated people. And although we're still in the planning stages, you'll soon be invited into the new things that are happening—I hope you feel the energy too!Peace,Chris