Transporting on A Sunday Morning

This week I had the pleasure of seeing Hello Dolly at the Kennedy Center. It was a wonderful production and sheer entertainment bliss. The dancing and the costumes were remarkable. The actors were thoroughly enjoying their roles. The musicians led the whole show with aplomb. We sang under our breath and were transported to another era of haberdashery, matchmaking, and millinery. One of my favorite lines was, “We don’t dance, we’re Presbyterian!”I thought about the ability for these performers to entertain, uplift, and transport the audience from their busy days, their personal woes, and their professional endeavors into a different space altogether. In worship on Sunday mornings, on a different scale, we try to do a similar thing - lifting thoughts, turning hearts, and instilling connection with the divine.It is the most important hour of the week - when we can transport ourselves, in the company of the faithful, to worship God alone. It is a huge blessing and a gift when worship allows us to do so. You leave with new perspective, reconnections with God, and the inspiration to seek faithfulness in the coming week. Yet strangely, unlike the Kennedy Center, the front rows are always available!See you at church, CCM