Rev. Rachel Landers Vaagenes

Pastor Rachel lives in Glover Park (where you should live too), with her librarian husband Adrian; their two elementary aged daughters Maewynn and Evangeline; and some dying houseplants. Rachel is a Los Angeles native, who has been on the east coast for 12 years, but she still doesn’t understand snow or humidity. For school she double majored in mathematics and philosophy at the University of Southern California. She is a math Ph.D. dropout, who then taught math in the LAUSD, and then headed to Princeton Seminary for her M.Div. In her spare time, Rachel was an improv comedian who was aspiring to be an extra in deodorant commercials, but Jesus had other plans. She is so grateful to be serving God and the world here in Washington, DC, with all of its particular thrills and challenges. Today, her hobbies involve offering “free prayer” outside of the church on sunny days; examining ways that the church can serve God in a post-Christian age; and making tacos for her friends.