2018 Leadership Intensive Remarks from Pastor Chris

This week marked the final week of the 2018 Leadership Intensive. Pastor Rachel has been leading this class along with Pastor Camille, myself, and others for three years now, and each year I end the six week intensive with a renewed sense of hope. We study prayer, Bible study, conflict management, pastoral care, and beyond, and each year I leave reminded that our church is in many, many good hands.

I was struck this year by an attitude this year that was shared throughout the participants. During the six weeks, we have all run into areas of Christian discipleship that feel more difficult than others, whether it's prayer, engaging conflict, or visiting a hospital room. But instead of shying away from those things, I noticed that everybody was moving towards the things that made them uncomfortable. Instead of maintaining the safety of comfort, I saw people engaging where it's difficult.
Perhaps that is the lesson of Christian discipleship that I, and perhaps you, need to hear today. That Jesus calls us to where we feel less safe, but that undoubtedly, Jesus has already gone there ahead of us, and will continue to walk with us. Jesus is with us on the growing edge.