Theological Imagination

One of my goals this year is to help expand the "theological imagination" of the congregation. So far this includes redesigning the 3rd floor as a comprehensive children's ministry facility; finding creative ways of using the worship service to educate and deepen our faith; and focusing the spring Christian Leadership Intensive on articulating theological reasons for what we do. In all of this, we will be called to get out of our social and theological comfort zones. Whether that is picking up the Bible for the first time or starting up a conversation with someone who is different from you, this "stretching" can take many forms. Relying on God, we are called to seek creative solutions to our problems, and to seek out new relationships and embrace change, confident that Christ our Rock will carry us through.  Our God is a God who "makes a way out of no way." And Christ calls us to do the same. So as we finish our United. series and look forward to Sent., let us take this week to pause, breathe, and prepare ourselves for the glorious and challenging work God is calling us to.Peace,Pastor Rachel