Grace, In Four Movements

Grace and Peace to you!

These simple words start many of our letters from the Apostle Paul. They are so small that they could be overlooked as simple Syrian niceties, however, they are anything but. Understanding the concept of Grace (χάρις or charis in Greek) is as complicated as understanding the essence of God. This is why the church is dedicating a year to understanding Grace. Grace, In Four Movements will take a close look at the lives of four heroes of the faith — Jacob, Jeremiah, Mary, and John of Patmos — and use their examples as a guide for understanding how God's grace is at work in our lives, in the church, and in the world. You can follow along by signing up HERE to get daily scripture passages in your inbox.

My hope for GPC this year is that we grow in our understanding of God's grace, so that we can offer more of it to the world, to each other, and to ourselves. The world can at times seem stripped of grace. Let us be a congregation that knows better.


Pastor Rachel