Today's Lord's Supper

A classic ordination question for ministers involves some scenario where a youth pastor wants to serve "potato chips and Mountain Dew" for the Lord's Supper at a church retreat. Sitting at my computer, it is easy to laugh at such a scenario, but the question stays relevant because God truly works in the cracks and margins between what is acceptable or not.
These past few Pizza Wednesdays have brought out a higher number of families because of the government shutdown. Dads compared "furlough beards" and grandmas chased little ones as we supported one another over Cokes and pizza. We even had a non-Christian family come who were friends with some GPC members, and they'll be back!
These may not be sacramental meals in the sanctuary, but they are faithful reminders that we are together members of one body, living as connected parts of a sacred whole. There are so many opportunities to share a meal at church right now, and I hope that when you do, you remember that "they will come from east and west, and north and south to sit at table in the Kingdom of God." (1 Corinthians 9:22)
Pastor Rachel