Stewardship 2020

Grace, In Four Movements

Grace is not static - it is the rhythm of God, always moving, never failing.

This is Grace, In Four Movements.

Dear GPC Members & Friends,

Rev. Dr. Camille Cook, Senior Pastor

Rev. Dr. Camille Cook, Senior Pastor

Like water or air, God’s grace is abundant, bountiful, and essential. Grace is God's gift that forgives our sins, nourishes our faith, and connects us to generations of God's servants.  At times we fail to appreciate our utter dependence on God’s grace.  At other times, we are keenly aware that grace sustains us.  Yet whether we remember or forget, God is faithful. Grace is the rhythm of God, always moving towards us and never failing us. Praise be to God! 

God has given us the church as a visual symbol of the gift of grace. It is a place to plant roots when we are far from home.  It is a place to see truth when our lives feel disordered.  It is a place to serve one another in response to our blessings.  At Georgetown Presbyterian Church, we experience God’s grace for young and old alike.  We are grateful for the place this church plays in our lives of faith – connecting us to our God and reminding us of God’s grace. With grateful hearts, with hopeful spirits, and with energized faith, will you give joyfully to our church this stewardship season?  Your pledges enable our church to be a steadfast symbol of Christian faith, a clear voice of good news, and a place where grace is shared with one another and the world.  Thank you for joyfully giving!


Rev. Dr. Camille Cook

Pledge cards/envelopes have been mailed to all members and friends of GPC. If you did not receive one, please contact the church office at 202-338-1644.

You may return your pledge by mail, bring it to the church, scan or email it to Or you can pledge online by clicking the button below.