A wedding is a service of worship in the context of which two persons enter into the covenant of marriage. Praise is offered to God for the gifts of life and love, and God is asked to strengthen and bless the marriage being celebrated. At The Georgetown Presbyterian Church, all weddings are Christian in their theological orientation, implying that at least one member of the couple be a confessing Christian. The basic format of the wedding service is drawn from one of the several liturgical resources of the Presbyterian Church (USA), usually the Book of Common Worship.

The pastor presides at all weddings held at The Georgetown Presbyterian Church. In consultation with the senior minister, other ministers from the Presbyterian or other Protestant traditions may be invited to preside. All music will be arrange in conjunction with The Georgetown Presbyterian Church Director of Music and all musicians and pieces must be approved for inclusion in the service.


A member wedding is defined as one in which at least one member of the couple is a member of The Georgetown Presbyterian Church or an immediate family member (child, grandchild, parent, or sibling) of a church member.

Couples are normally married in the home church of either the bride or the groom. Though this is usually the appropriate choice, we understand that sometimes circumstances make it difficult.

Christians who are not members here may request to be married here if they are active in a Presbyterian Church elsewhere or plan to make Georgetown Presbyterian Church their church home. Discretion will be left to the pastor to approve such exceptions.

Please contact the church office at 202-338-1644 or if you are interested in having a wedding at Georgetown Presbyterian Church or have questions about fees and details.